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INSTAGRAM: lucywatchedyoudie


Q1: How old are you?

 A1: 22.



Q2: Where are you from?

 A2: Nigeria.



Q3: How long have you been in London?

 A3: 6 years.



Q4: What are your creative skills?

 A4: I write and converse in spoken word form of rap



Q5: How did you first come to start writing music for other people?

 A5: I just had this period when I started applying myself to music and hang out with people who were already doing things in the studio, we will all get to have a freestyle session and sometimes what I come up with caught the interest of a friend or someone and it just goes on as a friend doing a friend a solid you know? Like bro can I use that? Or can you write me something based on this scenery type thing.



Q6: Are you involved in the production of any music, if so in what way?

 A6: Haha I rather not say it’s kind of a gray subject.



Q7: Do you think Instagram is a vital tool when connecting with other creatives, how often do you use it?

 A7: Yes, if used correctly the gram can be a very powerful connecting tool. There are so many networks and art forms by different artists and creatives waiting to be explored, and it’s been done by some already who have focused and realize what they want to achieve.



Q8: Do you ever find yourself getting sucked into creative self-comparison as a result of social media?

 A8: To be honest I do find myself comparing my progress to others quite a bit, I’m human after-all but I’m also aware of everyone’s individuality and uniqueness, it’s harmful to get lost self-comparing but it can also be a good way to push yourself to work harder if controlled. To develop a sort of friendly rivalry rather than self-loathing or eliminating one’s self esteem. You just have to calm down and realize they have been working and no one posts their failures haha only the achievements get flaunted. Take time to grow in your art and then you’ll be successful as long as you create your own style and believe in your own uniqueness.



Q9: What motivates you to keep going and producing content, do you ever have lazy phases?

 A9: I have a lot of lazy phases, I get motivated by the people around me, my closest friend really. We motivate each other. I don’t like the idea of being in competition with someone. I stray off and get too comfy losing sight of what I wanna do. I don’t have a huge goal in mind so that’s also a reason. I just really wanna have fun with it and not feel pressure because at the moment I do this mostly for myself and whoever might feel the way I do when I write what I write.



Q10: What are some of your goals within the music industry?

 A10: Haha goals in the music industry, man I mean if there’s one it will be to make good music, relatable shit uno. I guess I wanna be the guy you go to when you want some good vibes or something I wanna make people feel.



Q11: What do you think sets London apart from all other places in terms of creativity?

 A11: This is hard because I haven’t applied myself well enough into the scene here to be able give an adequate and accurate comparison, but from what I know London creatives are stepping up and a lot of good shit coming through. I think the HUNGER has always been there but now people are more willing to hunt together so the whole village can eat. London is a big city and so many talented creatives man like we have people doing the maddest tings now and I’m not just talking about music. I think the diversity in culture we have here and this generation that’s rebellious and fighting for so many different things are setting us apart and in a few years it’s gonna be really huge here. 



Q12: Do you think freelance should be a more viable career option for millennials?

 A12: FREELANCE. Man our generation is so independent yet so dependent haha. But yeah it should be a viable option. You can’t hold an artist down. An artist by nature is a free spirit, a rebel, an outcast.



Q13: Following on from question 12, what mentality do young creatives need to poses in order to make themselves independent?

 A13: The kind of mentality that makes you believe you can survive on the street if you had to, to throw everything out the window for the one thing you are passionate about, to go against the world because you believe so much in your art. The mentality of Jean Micheal.




Q14: You told me you’ve performed some of your spoken work material, tell me about your first time reading your thoughts out loud in front of a crowd!

 A14: Damn the first time I performed was unplanned really, palms were sweaty, setup was messy haha and it was a bunch of weird people around. Thinking I felt like this isn’t the kind of people that wanna listen to me, they wouldn’t understand what I’m trying to convey, the intricacies of my speech, of my song but I done it anyway. I stopped being nervous about 3 lines in and just took myself to another place along with my words haha and then in the end I felt it all coming back, the anxiety but it was fun. Also I cautioned myself for judging the crowd because you never know who needs to hear you.



Q15: Do you think it’s important to be alone in order to find motivation/ inspiration?

A15: Yeah, it’s important to be alone, but not to confuse it with lonely. It is different for everyone anyway but personally I write better when I’m alone and by alone I just don’t mean locked in my room or something, I mean away from social media, away from weird vibrations and energy, alone in your own safe place, far reaches of your mind where you can access your thoughts better kind of alone. That type of clarity is important to create. Then you can see the world better like looking from outside the box. Perspective is clearer.



Q16: How much do you try to write about what you are going through, in order to process it?

 A16: I don’t write a lot about what I’m going thru because I hate to read it, I feel cringe later. Only when I feel it’s really really important. I forget things a lot and have created this space in which I lock things away so I do that instead but there are some feelings I put down on paper. Thing is I wanna make people feel but I don’t want to make them feel sad, I want them to feel like someone knows what it means to feel sad but assure them it’s gonna be okay so when I write the bad times down I feel like I’m betraying that principle even if I’m not going to be sharing it with the world I also get anxious about the fact of someone finding it and reading it so it’s safer in my head.



Q17: Where do you draw inspiration from?

 A17: My inspiration is life and the world around us, people and our environment. I people watch, it’s my favourite hobby. Sometimes I even write stuff based on other people or create a story based on what I assume their life is like going off what I have observed.



Q18: Are there any specific genres that best suit your lyrics? Or do you prefer to be more versatile with the songs you write?

 A18: I actually don’t know if there are any specific genres that best suit my lyrics you know haha but I also do like to be versatile. I am also still finding myself.



Q19: What advice would you give to fellow creatives struggling with creator’s block?

A19: Damn writers block is not the one init. I will say don’t think about it too much, just live life and it will come to you like a pimp slap.



Q20: Who are your biggest influences lyrically?

 A20: Lyrical influences I wouldn’t really call them that but I do have some artist that I just admire their thinking process and ponder how they came up with some things, damn to name a few , jaden , Kendrick, joji, Cole, Saba, Tyler, Rocky. And it’s not just their lyrics it’s how they deliver.



Q21: We spoke a little about the vulnerability in art, and in order for something to be well received it needs to contain heart. This can be a nerve-wracking process for most creatives, what advice would you give to creatives struggling with displaying vulnerability?

 A21: Vulnerability exists in every individual. I mean we’ve been taught most of our lives not to be vulnerable or risk getting weeded out, but I’m just going to say whenever you gonna do something ask yourself if it’s what you really wanna do, if it is then it doesn’t matter what anyone else think because it’s more brave to show your vulnerability than acting like you don’t at all. It shows you acknowledge it and are aware of yourself.

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