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Q1: How old are you? 

A1: 22 my birthday is 4th may 1997. 

Q2: Where are you from? 

A2: Buckinghamshire.

Q3: How long have you been in London? 

A3: 4 years 

Q4: What made you want to move here? 

A4: i felt i needed the cultural diversity London has to offer, i love my village but it is very middle class/ caucasian and my family also isn’t black, my father is Jamaican but my parents separated and re married so i felt for my own identity i needed to immerse and learn more about my roots. London is the best place for that. 


Q5: Do you think London can be a lonely place? 

A5: yes, i’m so far from my family and i feel as if London moulds you to be tougher because you encounter a lot of different people/situations it’s competitive 

Q6: What do you study at university? 

A6: advertising marketing communications and public relations 


Q7: What is your opinion on the modern advertising industry? 

A7: it needs me to spice it up, i rarely connect with adverts nowadays. it’s so effective online, but i want to bring more engagement into adverts and billboards and campaigns for brands. 


Q8: Are you ever effected by beauty standards imposed on us through the media? 

A9: at some points but honestly since i’ve turned 21 i’ve become a lot more comfortable with how i look. i try just see how i feel, i’m more comfortable with my face than my body. i love makeup however, i do spend a majority of the time bare faced but i’ve always wanted a bigger batty. 


Q9: How do you deal with this? 

A9: i know i can just go gym but i don’t so i tell myself it’s my own punishment for my laziness. i have been doing yoga for a few months now i’m hoping that batty will appear


Q10: As a fellow spiritual, I know you believe in the healing powers of crystals! so tell me which crystals do you use and what for? 

A10: •rose quarts for my emotional openness and to increase positivity and ability to love. (i like whoever has been invited to feel comfortable and happy in my space)

•blue celestite: it’s a tether to our guardian angels, i got it after my brother passed away and i see it as his door and how i communicate with him. 


Q11: How important is self reflection and meditation to you? 

A11:very very important. i have a lot of flaws and as soon as you see and recognise them you can work on bettering yourself. i feel calmer and i hope as i get older i’ll get happier because i’m learning how to deal with situations or change and it’s all exciting and tbh my favourite change atm is trying to be kind even if i’m jarred, assessing relationships and weighing benefits and removing of needs be and to be less reactive and less critical of myself. it’s ok to be wrong, admit you’re wrong and mean your apology and if you don’t feel sorry don’t pretend. i feel a lot better but i’m not there yet. 


Q12: How have you learnt to trust your intuition as you have gotten older? 

A12: i’ve not listened to myself and i’ve been wrong to ignore myself. now i would be less pissed off if i was wrong but still trusted myself as opposed to ignoring myself and being long 

Q13: Mental health among our generation is a huge talking point at the moment, in your opinion how does attitude toward mental health differ between genders? 

A13:gender has a role culture has a role and the nhs have such a high demand you feel helpless and lost and it’s lonely because no one talks and you think you’re crazy but men are very oppressed emotionally and it’s really sad because it’s more than crying and suppressing can make you so unwell. freedom for everyone 


Q14: With that being said, what methods of self- care work for you in order to stay level headed?

A14: music is huge, yoga, weed, self awareness check ins, face masks, cleaning, doing my eyebrows i like being alone on my room on my days off. 


Q15: How has living in London changed you as a person? 

A15: made me very very independent and given me a lot of confidence 


Q16: How does the energy of others normally affect your mood? 

A16: energy is HUGE if i sense you are just bad i’ll be polite give you a chance but if i’m not feeling it i’ll be gone. but i’m only like that because i used to take it too personally and privately be very effected that is not healthy. i wasn’t doing it 


Q17: Is it important for you to have time alone in order to reflect on things? 

A17: yea very very 


Q18: What are three things that piss you off the most about todays society? 

A18: - separation, we are all the same man. and life is so fucking hard for the majority let’s just try make life easier for each other. 

- unnecessary upset, some people want to be offended, love being offended and thrive on being offended and moany and it must be tiring just take a break. helplessness; so many wars so much pain and oppression across the world and realistically what can you as an individual do because you’re too distracted by work study and i’m very grateful to know our country is safe for the most part and we have many many a flaw however i’m blessed because i don’t wake up scared for my family’s life. 

Q19: What are three things that you love most about todays society? 

A19: acceptance; people travel people learn and socially more things are accepted people can be themselves that’s cool you constantly learn new things or get introduced to different perspectives 


Q20: Do you think theres a strong narrative nowadays for female creatives empowering each other? 

A20: yea deffo, i think it’s growing and people love it  men and women i think 


Q21: If you had any advice to someone moving to London to start uni, what would it be?!

A21: lean on your family, work for a bit of structure and extra money because London is expensive but try to get breaks because it’s just so busy and noisy but you need to slow down 




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