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INSTAGRAM: @joydenrt


Q1: How old are you?

A1: 22, I’m a Taurus.



Q2: Where are you from?

A2: Well my origin is DRC. I was born in London and lived here for 10 years then moved to Milton Keynes for 10 years. Then Birmingham for a year and back to London.



Q3: How long have you been in London?

A3: I have been in London for around a year and half.



Q4: What is it that drew you to this city, and what do you like the most about it?

A4: I don’t like being limited with my options and London has numerous opportunities. What I like the most is how so many people gravitate to one location.



Q5: What is the worst thing for you about London?

A5: It’s hard to meet new people if you’re the observant type which I classify as at times.



Q6: Do you ever think London can be a lonely place?

A6: I think London can be a very lonely place. It’s funny because you can be a very popular person so example but in terms of knowing who actually cares about you in that group of people if rather hard to tell therefore making you feel rather lonely.



Q7: Do you think Instagram is a vital tool when connecting with other creatives, how often do you use it?

A7: 100% is vital especially if you use it correctly, you’ll get so much recognition and commissions too.



Q8: Do you ever find yourself comparing your work to others on social media?

A8: I do I do. It’s something I try not to do but obviously when you try to say you’re doing well at something you don’t really know until you compare your work to someone’s. Which is very dangerous.



Q9: What motivates you to keep going and producing content, do you ever have lazy phases?

A9: I remember I had work due for uni and I hadn’t touched it. I was gonna flunk class but it’s a bad habit that I had so I went in. I explained to my lecturer and looked at me like a man and said, “ Joyden do you know what makes you feel good about your day? When you create. And do you what doesn’t? Well you don’t. So, keep creating.”



Q10: What are your long-term goals within the industry?

A10: Truth be told I like to create beauty, cause the world is quite an ugly place at times. I’d rather contribute in a positive way.



Q11: What makes the creative industry in London specifically appeal to you?

A11: Ummm you can have creatives from the same field, but their work is very different.


Q12: Do you think freelance should be a more viable career option for millennials? (Instead of unpaid internships etc. if so, why?)

A12: 100% it should be. In my experience, interns do so much more than what’s in their job title which I guess comes with any job but for it to then be unpaid is an insult in my eyes. People are born to be creative I guess you can learn to be creative, but a natural creative thinker has different perspectives about life and that can’t be taught really. So for someone to have this creativity and not get paid is very unfair.



Q13: What do aspiring entrepreneurs needed in order for this to happen?

A13: Not to be so ignorant and recognize the talent. Go forward to then help that individual turn into a refined creative.


Q14: Do you ever feel exhausted with ambition but not sure which step to take first?

A14: Yes I do.



Q15: Do you think it’s important to be alone in order to find motivation/ inspiration?

A15: It’s a mixture of having these thoughts in your own company. But also, being able to have peers around to discuss things through with.


Q16: Would you ever move to another country to pursue your craft?

A16: Indeed I would.



Q17: Where do you draw inspiration from?

A17: Instagram, Behance & Tumblr.



Q18: How important is it for you to be surrounded by people that are supportive of your art?

A18: Umm to be honest I’m really shy about my work and everyone is very supportive. I think I need people whom give me constructive criticism though.



Q19: What advice would you give to fellow creatives struggling with creator’s block?

A19: There’s no such thing. Work for 45 mins at a time then break. Have multiple projects going on. Fucking pick up a damn book!!!



Q20: Who are your biggest influences artistically?

A20: Not gonna lie I don’t have one there’s many artists on insta that I love.



Q21: What’s next for you this year?!

A21: Get a place big enough to do my work in.

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