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Q1: How old are you?

A1: 27.


Q2: Where are you from?

A2:  Lagos, Nigeria. But I live in New York.

Q3: How long have you been doing photography, privately & professionally?

A3: Three years now.


Q4: What is it that drew you to London?

A4: Family, friends and godchildren.

Q5: How does London feel compared to New York?

A5: Amazing. Almost as if I’m sleep walking from how similar it is to NYC, yet just calmer and feels more like home compared to America. 

Q6: Did you study photography or are your skills more self-taught?

A6: A bit of both.

Q7: Do you think Instagram is a vital tool when connecting with other creatives, how often do you use it?

A7: Yes it definitely is. All level of social platforms are great for connecting with other creatives, which i use as much as possible.


Q8: Do you ever find yourself comparing your work to others on social media?

A8: I used to, a lot. But that been done and over with since it’s just a waste of time.

Q9: What are some challenges you have faced when collecting payment for a job?

A9: Some people try to ask for discounts or take too long to pay me which is often infuriating. That’s why it’s better to just get paid first in full, then send the pictures.

Q10: What are your long-term goals within the photography industry?

A10: To have my own studio, and more efficient equipment. While striving to be a better creative artist than I was the day before.

Q11: When shooting people for the first time, how do you direct them to pose and what do you do to make them feel comfortable?

A11: I usually try telling whomever I’m shooting to imagine some sort of emotional feeling to get the type of facial expression for the shots I want. 

Q12: Do you think freelance should be a more viable career option for millennials? (Instead of unpaid internships etc. if so, why?)

A12: Yes definitely. I find it more rewarding since you’re putting time into your work, but also within yourself daily from all the grind. 

Q13: If you could give any advice to fellow aspiring photographers, what would it be?

A13: Never give up. You’ll have many times you feel drained from seeking to developing yourself and work even more, but stay focused despite all trials. You can only go up from trying and don’t let others work belittle your work. Your work will always be different, that’s what makes it amazing! Don’t care about how many followers or likes on your pictures social pages. 

Q14: What is your favorite camera to shoot portraits on?

A14: Canon mark IV.

Q15: Do you think it’s important to be alone in order to find motivation/ inspiration?

A15: It’s important to be alone at times to find motivation and inspiration, just like my solo trip in London right now. But I do believe you get more creative inspiration when working together with people of similar creativity or great work ethics to better expand one’s mind. 

Q16: How do you negotiate your rate with clients? 

A16: Depending on the type of work/event, I negotiate how much I wish to be paid per hour, and then also charge for edits but that also varies on my mood since I do enjoy editing, so sometimes I do it for free.

Q17: What is it about photography that you love?

A17: Capturing unforgettable moments, and the feeling of being proud of my creative mind from my work. I really do love the aspects of capturing all types of emotions and peoples expressions.


Q18: Do you aim to be 100% self-employed? if so, why?

A18: Yes I do. So I can work better on my own, and be more proud of my work being able to sustain my way of living instead of the 9-5 life.


Q19: Who are your top three favorite photographers?

A19: Juergen teller, Michel Haddi and Brandon Woelfel.

Q20: What software do you use to edit?

A20: Lightroom and Photoshop.

Q21: I know you haven’t got long left in London! So tell me, what’s next for you when you get back to NY? 

A21: Back to being on my grind both mentally and spiritually. Setting up for upcoming events I’ve been hired for and my real estate job. 

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