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INSTAGRAM: 2coeurxtrm


Q1: How old are you?

A1: I’m 24.

Q2: Where are you from?

A2: I’m from Switzerland but originally from Cameroun.


Q3: How long have you been in London?

A3: I’ve been in London about 1 month now, but I used live in London before.


Q4: What is it that drew you to this city, and what do you like the most about it?

A4: The inspiration and focus on art and creativity, I really love it too.


Q5: What is the worst thing for you about London?

A5: The train it’s just too much.


Q6: Do you ever think London can be a lonely place?

A6: Yes maybe.



Q7: How did you get started out in music?

A7: Ok so basically I used to make music at school. Before that, all my friends and the people I knew were doing music too, so I just start making music.



Q8: Are you signed? If so who with or why not?

A8:I’m not signed but working with a record label call " Colors record " from Geneva.

Q9: What motivates you to keep going and producing content?

A9: My life


Q10:What are your long term goals within the industry?

A10: I don’t really like the industry to be honest but it is how it is.



Q11:What makes the creative industry in London specifically appeal to you?

A11: The energies are very good, that’s why I really love London.


Q12:Do you think freelance should be a more viable career option for millennials? (Instead of unpaid internships etc if so, why?)

A12: I believe Freelance is the way forward, it makes more sense being your own boss.



Q13: What do aspiring entrepreneurs needed in order for this to happen?

A13: A strong vision, a solid plan, unshakable passion and funds.


Q14: Do you ever feel exhausted with ambition but not sure which step to take first?

A14: Sometimes, because it takes a lot of energy to do everything by yourself but I love it because I learn every day, I love making errors because I learn from them in order to know how to do things right the next time.


Q15:Do you think it’s important to be alone in order to find motivation/ inspiration?

A15: Yes you need your own space, everyone does it’s just a human trait.



Q16: When you perform a show.. tell me about that feeling!

A16: It’s the greatest feeling, making people dance, jump etc. It’s so fulfilling knowing I’ve made someone day/night. Impact for me is important.



Q17: What’s the energy like for you before and after you get off stage?

A17: The energy is mad, I get stressed like the minute before I play but as soon as the music comes on, I lose all that and I just give my best.


Q18: How important is it for you to be surrounded by people that are supportive of your art?

A18: It’s key. Because you are a reflection of your entourage, what you see and listen to everyday. You have to have the right people around you otherwise you’ll never reach your full potential and fail.



Q19: What advice would you give to fellow creatives struggling with creators block?

A19: They have to stay focused and keep going. Don’t give up



Q20: Who are your biggest influences musically?

A20: My friends.



Q21: What’s next for you this year?!

A21: Making more music and money of course.

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