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When i first began taking film portraits, i thought it would be interesting to pair my images alongside interviews. I wanted to provide insight into the lives of young creatives through the form of photo journalism. Discussing issues such as: living away from home, being an independent creative, religion, music culture and  mental health. My aim is to document the journeys of the people that inspire me, providing a glimpse into how and why they do what they do. Whether it be graphic design, photography, video production, art, acting, producing, singing or animation. If you're a creative i want to hear from you. 


The Artcive is here for anyone to read, i hope it inspires & encourages you to also take risks with your own creative passion, whatever it may be. DM on instagram or drop me an email if you want to know my rates for freelance photography work or to collaborate. 

@lv_shaw / @theartciveldn 

Much love,


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